Chimera’s Synonyms

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
day burned into black smoke,
over the ground-rot, where cicada
shrieked amid frothy dirt,
under ruined windows,
reeking of aged spirits.
unchaste curves
in the crook of the slippery plot,
swayed with licentious shades,
in the alley filled with arid desires.
trapped mirages made vicious love
in the cellar of my lurid dreams.
indolent murkiness passed on
the aftershocks of the naked rigidness,
penetrating unyielding fantasies;
I heard the sermons,
from beyond the closed doors,
bewailing sperms squandering
away the cool night’s serene silence.

A Depraved Night’s Anecdote

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stealth walked on your carpet,
tripped over threadbare deceits,
swept under.
thieving night light winked,
at you, wearing jaded genes.
wicked excitement beamed
through windows of decadence,
with indulgent mischief,
as sneaking pleasure got entrapped.

Forbidden Fruition

Friday, October 2, 2009

parched terrains gazed
out of robed attics,
night dissolving to blend
the naked black horse,
with the scent of black colognes,
stirring stifled cravings,
with a coil’s sigh, muffling
the neighs, over the fences,
where stripping snakes unsheathed
in the gaps of deep, curvy, designs;
chaste and aching, feigning inertia,
in rough , stubby refrain,
arid grass biting its indifference,
in to the burning hollows
of freak bargains,
to celebrate a celibate’s ecstasy
in a forbidden fruition.