a cheap hotel room

Monday, February 1, 2010
in the after noon, at around 2 PM ,
the slit of the out-of -order windowpane,
brought, heat, dust and a gasoline’s stench.
crossly exchanges in the street corner,
cawing crows on electric crisscrosses,
down the crass,weary sidewalks,
the far-off, old cross, slanting in silence
listening to jarring, blaring horns,
when busty women crossed the road,
in the aftermath of a past night’s rage.
a stagnant creek’s fishy reek hushing
the grinds of the squeaky old cot.
guilty blemishes finding lame excuses,
through your sweat, lust and melt.
the pangs of my despair,
defused by the fangs of your shameless desire;
the walls of the dim chambers, stained by
your graffiti , recklessly smeared
on the buried barricades of my bared vulnerability,
with a dogged vengeance.


Yousei Hime said...

I feel a bit like a voyeur. This is intense. Image after image. Nice one. Thank you for sharing it.

Andy Sewina said...

Phew, that place really spoke to you. Intense? I'll second that!!

Nicely recorded!!!

Margareth Osju said...

Oh, you really paint with your words. You paint the world in words.
One day I have to paint it down the reaction of your wor"d"s. As always, I love the way you paint with words.

Srikumaran Madhava Menon said...

I thought I was inside the room myself watching all those as portrayed by you. This time your words moved like trapeze artists.

Srikumaran Madhava Menon said...

That should read trapeze "artistes"....

Sadia Hussain said...

A very graphic description Shashi! Like a rapid drama unfolding!

Poornima said...

Splendid words!!

Jingle said...


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