squalid senses

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the stygian element of the mortal clumps
of slums reeking clumsy urbane pungent,
decay-gutted & mottled below mansions,
cocktail of emissions,clouds and chimneys
carbonated rainbow’s monochrome beams
dulling its way across the marine night air,
broad with stinking backdrops, casting
the aphrodisiacal fakes for steamy straddling sways
flouting the shoddy glassy transoms.
over shades of the tall penitentiary wall,
the moon's fall in to a trough of the cirque,
unleashed horses,speeding sleighs,splashing the heaven,
a trenchant fjord, misty moist down the crevices
of bare streets of feigning sleepers,dreaming,
like an unborn fetus seeking catharsis.