witness in absentia

Sunday, September 5, 2010

sea, the night; here, the silence in fright,
the roar, bear form, swathe deeps,
swap blue liquid ether, bare,
unseen seer unaware,where
light flicking chill-lathered sighs,
touch feet, leave,return,slither-reach,
serpentine sneaks,choke, edge
of gargantuan liquid’s infliction,
heave grimy licking marine leaches;
props waver,fear feral,
rob, peach parched lip’s salt,
raw gnawing erratic embrace
empty fanatical forsaken wind’s
minute nudges still, shell, yarn minds
cloak skies,lies underneath
apiece,missing the presence,then.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I have read this a few times and I like it very much.
Something very tranquil from all these words..

Best wishes,

oilunderneath said...

As always, your words, placements, an executions...are simply mind blowing.

Jingle said...

love the style of your blog,
fresh air in the morning,
breath taking piece.

Sounds of Subtlety..:) said...

Hello Sasi,

guess this is the second poem of yours that I am reading,and I must honestly tell you now,that I am immensely inspired by your style which captures those minutest details which surpass the normal human attention in the pace of everyday life... I may not be far from the truth if I tell you, I always try to learn and imbibe the refinement from your poetry,because I believe learning by observing and understanding and to an extent competing with creativity like yours, inspires me to work more harder and hence gain more understanding of this fine art...
Really inspired by this piece of yours,really powerful indeed... Heartfelt honest comment...:)

Srikumaran Menon said...

When I read your poems...I am taken to a different plane of existence...your words marvel with each other and their pronouncement makes one probe the fathoms of imagination...you don't have dearth of words..God Bless You!!!....

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