an orgiastic plot

Thursday, November 11, 2010

moths silenced the night,
in the carnal latency
of the factory’s detached light,
cologne melted the moon in transom,
her curls stripped strains of lunacy.
in a blur of smoke of the night-flowering tobacco,
moon- frolics budded, to invasive reeks of carbon,
stoking the hum of the night shift, sighs of grass,
brushing snakes, blushing naked shams,
in shame-drenched marshes, of dripping desires,
a chilly night’s silken claws splintered the limits;
dreams of the unknown spoken by an owl,
deep in the night, fainted in to heedless ears;
madness grew fangs and wings to ascend
to vaporous peaks,in a crescendo
of a howling siren,ending the hum of machines.


Sounds of Subtlety..:) said...

Beautiful Sasi :):)
I loved it especially bcoz I am reading it here in this cold night... Kind of gets a person into that mood.. Excellent poem again,of rich and liberal imagery,elastic creativity and aesthetic mind...:)

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I enjoyed reading this poem.
It is very busy with the life of the night. At the same time there are rather evocative and suggestive images of overindulgences in a parallel time.

Best Wishes, Eileen

Jingle Poetry said...


your words have the power of magnets..
keep it up.

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