a primeval pining

Saturday, December 4, 2010

post meridian tropic sweat soaks,
cloaks, flames in beckoning barns;
naked mounts masked in mud,
madly chewing insensate lust’s stupor;
callused hands mesh a neigh’s gush,
pin in haystacks,hush sighs,
promiscuous shadows shroud sleighs,
flowering shrub’s scrounging spikes,
craving in the symbiotic trails,
intuitive horses wagging tails,
lithe legs shifting stands,
reeking dung, saline tangs,heedless dust,
over and done,in moist,lust,
lidless eyes at ignorant bats, hanging up,
sensing amorous tremors down here..now.


Olivia said...

Very well crafted..!!
keep Writing My Dear.. :)

Jingle Poetry said...

your words are very fine tuned,
elegant poem,
love the imagery.

Ana Muela Sopeña said...

Your words are very beautifull. Your poetry have soul. This blog is a diamond. I like it.

Thanks for de music.

A kiss for you

Srikumaran Madhava Menon said...

What to say about your jugglery of words. You are a great poet. You should receive universal recognition. Expose yourself to the world. Publish your mind. Let the world benefit from your philosophy.......May God Bless You..

Srikumaran Madhava Menon said...

The title tune of your blog makes me cry.......tears blur me....

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