a primeval pining

Saturday, December 4, 2010

post meridian tropic sweat soaks,
cloaks, flames in beckoning barns;
naked mounts masked in mud,
madly chewing insensate lust’s stupor;
callused hands mesh a neigh’s gush,
pin in haystacks,hush sighs,
promiscuous shadows shroud sleighs,
flowering shrub’s scrounging spikes,
craving in the symbiotic trails,
intuitive horses wagging tails,
lithe legs shifting stands,
reeking dung, saline tangs,heedless dust,
over and done,in moist,lust,
lidless eyes at ignorant bats, hanging up,
sensing amorous tremors down here..now.

an orgiastic plot

Thursday, November 11, 2010

moths silenced the night,
in the carnal latency
of the factory’s detached light,
cologne melted the moon in transom,
her curls stripped strains of lunacy.
in a blur of smoke of the night-flowering tobacco,
moon- frolics budded, to invasive reeks of carbon,
stoking the hum of the night shift, sighs of grass,
brushing snakes, blushing naked shams,
in shame-drenched marshes, of dripping desires,
a chilly night’s silken claws splintered the limits;
dreams of the unknown spoken by an owl,
deep in the night, fainted in to heedless ears;
madness grew fangs and wings to ascend
to vaporous peaks,in a crescendo
of a howling siren,ending the hum of machines.

The Eternal Flaw

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

slyly sneak in to his vacant work area,
where the redundant poles rest,
(the sun, captive, allowed only partial entry)
jammed, rigid and fallow,
disguised as purpose,
a grand desire,
or a tool,
for the execution
of a picky design,
yes, a fussy format.

his sphere of perfection is
only just close to flawlessness
yet,the inevitable,
callous loopholes,
he is unable to plug;
the glaring built-up defects
are shrewdly manipulated,
as 'reason',
for me to interpret.
the deficiency of a definite conception
finely tuned by the potential thought
“why this way”;
the alternative being his choice.
(for example the poles bear
the brunt of the great oceans,
the sailors and the magnets
hung about breathless and inert,
unable to look at the sun).

(here,caught in the act,
I run behind my shadow,
pursued hotly by
the night’s vested interest,
limited now, again by purpose,
but without reason).

standards are hard to keep,
even for Him
for the self-made rationale
inhibited Him.
then who fashioned all this?
the limited,
well defined(so called),
makeshift- Idea.

may be 'I'

Published in lesserflamingo Issue Six March 2010

witness in absentia

Sunday, September 5, 2010

sea, the night; here, the silence in fright,
the roar, bear form, swathe deeps,
swap blue liquid ether, bare,
unseen seer unaware,where
light flicking chill-lathered sighs,
touch feet, leave,return,slither-reach,
serpentine sneaks,choke, edge
of gargantuan liquid’s infliction,
heave grimy licking marine leaches;
props waver,fear feral,
rob, peach parched lip’s salt,
raw gnawing erratic embrace
empty fanatical forsaken wind’s
minute nudges still, shell, yarn minds
cloak skies,lies underneath
apiece,missing the presence,then.

squalid senses

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the stygian element of the mortal clumps
of slums reeking clumsy urbane pungent,
decay-gutted & mottled below mansions,
cocktail of emissions,clouds and chimneys
carbonated rainbow’s monochrome beams
dulling its way across the marine night air,
broad with stinking backdrops, casting
the aphrodisiacal fakes for steamy straddling sways
flouting the shoddy glassy transoms.
over shades of the tall penitentiary wall,
the moon's fall in to a trough of the cirque,
unleashed horses,speeding sleighs,splashing the heaven,
a trenchant fjord, misty moist down the crevices
of bare streets of feigning sleepers,dreaming,
like an unborn fetus seeking catharsis.

a cheap hotel room

Monday, February 1, 2010
in the after noon, at around 2 PM ,
the slit of the out-of -order windowpane,
brought, heat, dust and a gasoline’s stench.
crossly exchanges in the street corner,
cawing crows on electric crisscrosses,
down the crass,weary sidewalks,
the far-off, old cross, slanting in silence
listening to jarring, blaring horns,
when busty women crossed the road,
in the aftermath of a past night’s rage.
a stagnant creek’s fishy reek hushing
the grinds of the squeaky old cot.
guilty blemishes finding lame excuses,
through your sweat, lust and melt.
the pangs of my despair,
defused by the fangs of your shameless desire;
the walls of the dim chambers, stained by
your graffiti , recklessly smeared
on the buried barricades of my bared vulnerability,
with a dogged vengeance.

the amorous nature

Monday, January 4, 2010
The wind took away the words,
leaving a lisp,
for me to work out from her lips.
her eyes close to mine veiled the sea,
the sun sinking to hide the bare shores,
the silken claws of night breached the deeps,
the waves slitting down the pensive heaves,
shrubs flowered in the nocturne,
drunk with a sensuous cologne,
clouds cloaked a meddling moon.
words this time clung like a moan,
making the roar of the raging sea,to drown.
the hills closed in,
and the skies fell over our remnants,
with a few shells on the rim.