Specious Spaces

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A no-gravity state- the dim lit dream-space goes well with this- the dead power lines - ideal for flying past, fear, a fancy, passing the tallness of trees; the north east, an unknown spot, a faceless lurking thief waiting by the window to steal the bag of flaxen serpents- logic’s nakedness alluring, the sentient elapses in to the obscure,like flung paint on the wall of an asylum, round the bend- a familiar remote ancestor along with a nameless tree, hide in the room’s wooden roof, not sinister enough to cover, mind tends to pull out a blase snake with self-doubt,moving under small feet to the shabby civic building to where the football rolled in -hear yells of children-the anxiety of the sweet cookies nonexistent in a dream-wakes you up in an ugly cradle.