Friday, July 22, 2011

feral cats in the alleyway,
yawn away a fading night,
under old lampposts.
a wary waft waves through
the shades, flashes past your madness;
a sky bashing in at the transom.
reek of factory effluents
fused with incarcerating colognes,
cocktailed to daze merciless scratches
on brimmed spaces;
a green-eyed moon’s groan
deflecting from a mad facade
shrouded in silken tresses;
humid saline savored, strays,
hushing sensual sermons.
enmeshed nerves, enslaved,
escape in one unison salvo
in to the autonomous alchemy,
like a held back hurricane,
burst as a chorale,
scaling high, screaming,
in the spinal roots.


Margareth Osju said...

every time I read your poems I have the wish to paint it down. Fascinating and rich as allways, your imagination.

Srikumaran Menon said...

Amazing always....

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