claws of innocence

Thursday, December 1, 2011

love’s reprisal exhausts
in a fixated animal-vengeance
a vicious rape of the naive;
razes the unyielding sanctorum ,
nails the flesh, scuffs the visage, smears;
grazes the valley, inflames the grass,
camouflages the innocence,
with envy; then grows to be a suckling child.
love mutely weeps in solo;
alternately gaping and misreading your eyes.
tearing down, gratifying the shame
with seeds of the sodden carnality
whetting the guilty ruins
a luscious spin-off, in a maniacal abandon,
of sweat soak and saliva.
shame gaily salvaging wounds of virtue.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I always await your words with great expectation and I am never disapppointed.....
This is a most powerful piece of writing, loaded with palpable emotions.The eternal loss of innocence, unable to be undone. And a sense almost of 'love lies bleeding.'......

Sasidharan, your words are constructed by a pen of wisdom.
Best wishes, Eileen

Brian Miller said...

whew there is a great depth of feeling in this and it is evoked in many ways by the word choices you make...really great and gritty....well done...

Claudia said...

wow...very visceral and tight write.

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