claws of innocence

Thursday, December 1, 2011

love’s reprisal exhausts
in a fixated animal-vengeance
a vicious rape of the naive;
razes the unyielding sanctorum ,
nails the flesh, scuffs the visage, smears;
grazes the valley, inflames the grass,
camouflages the innocence,
with envy; then grows to be a suckling child.
love mutely weeps in solo;
alternately gaping and misreading your eyes.
tearing down, gratifying the shame
with seeds of the sodden carnality
whetting the guilty ruins
a luscious spin-off, in a maniacal abandon,
of sweat soak and saliva.
shame gaily salvaging wounds of virtue.


Friday, July 22, 2011

feral cats in the alleyway,
yawn away a fading night,
under old lampposts.
a wary waft waves through
the shades, flashes past your madness;
a sky bashing in at the transom.
reek of factory effluents
fused with incarcerating colognes,
cocktailed to daze merciless scratches
on brimmed spaces;
a green-eyed moon’s groan
deflecting from a mad facade
shrouded in silken tresses;
humid saline savored, strays,
hushing sensual sermons.
enmeshed nerves, enslaved,
escape in one unison salvo
in to the autonomous alchemy,
like a held back hurricane,
burst as a chorale,
scaling high, screaming,
in the spinal roots.

Specious Spaces

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A no-gravity state- the dim lit dream-space goes well with this- the dead power lines - ideal for flying past, fear, a fancy, passing the tallness of trees; the north east, an unknown spot, a faceless lurking thief waiting by the window to steal the bag of flaxen serpents- logic’s nakedness alluring, the sentient elapses in to the obscure,like flung paint on the wall of an asylum, round the bend- a familiar remote ancestor along with a nameless tree, hide in the room’s wooden roof, not sinister enough to cover, mind tends to pull out a blase snake with self-doubt,moving under small feet to the shabby civic building to where the football rolled in -hear yells of children-the anxiety of the sweet cookies nonexistent in a dream-wakes you up in an ugly cradle.

wicked prowls

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the tropic's hot instincts
catalyze erratic dragon flies
to foul amorphous senses
on burned grass and sweat
with cashew’s carnal reek
of oil and dry stale relics
set for shoddy indulgence.
the heat-braving rock’s mirage
trough lonely undulating manliness
to sweat,swathe saltiest strains.
essential vapor fill up cavernous torpor
feminine coils touching dry grass
no music to frustrate vicious
adulterated fetish.
just one speck of a prying vulture
over naked stretches swollen in reheat;
melting desperation trickles down
to nail biting contours
on a silky carpet of dust;
a dog far-off,gasps
under the bridge
over the desiccated river,
when herbivorous cannibals
swallowed sweat,
smelt of sweltering flesh.